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20,000 psi (pounds per square inch) Maximum Service Pressure. 30M: 30,000 psi (pounds per square inch) Maximum Service Pressure. 35K: 35,000 psi, minimum Yield Strength relates to carbon steel line pipe, not API6A material. 36K: 36,000 psi, minimum Yield Strength for Material. 45K: API Spec 6A abbreviation for 45,000 psi minimum yield strength Material.

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A safety factor is then applied to the MRS to obtain a maximum operating stress for the pipe material which is used to dimension pipes for a range of pressure ratings. In Europe and Australasia, the ISO design point of 50 years, or 438,000 hours, is adopted. In North America, the design point of 100,000 hours has historically been used.

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Connect these fittings to thick-wall plastic pipe— they have thicker, stronger walls than standard-wall fittings, so they can handle heavy duty industrial pluing and water supply appliions, such as water processing, waste water treatment, and irrigation. They can withstand pressures up to 900 psi.

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Vibration-Resistant Pinch ClampAssortments for Firm Hose and Tube. These pinch clamps come packed in a box with individual compartments for each clamp size. Easier to install than worm-drive clamps, crimp the pinch points with pinch-clamp pincers for a secure …

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A polyether-urethane cover provides exceptional cut, abrasion and fungus resistance. Lastly, all components are bonded together to maximize fitting retention and wear resistance, and to provide smaller minimum bend radii. This hose has a 4000 PSI rating with a 10000 PSI burst rating. Color: Green


Tube Black, Oil, fuel and heat resistant, NBR (ARPM Class A) Cover Black, smooth with cloth impression, oil, abrasion, weather and ozone resistant Reinforcement High tensile tire cord plies with dual helix wires Temperature -40°F to +212°F (-40°C to +100°C) Branding TEXCEL® HBR4-12 MSHA MEETS OR EXCEEDS SAE 100R4

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Pipe Freeze Kits using CO-2 are an inexpensive way to get the job done when draining the system is not an option. By pipe freezing you can place a 7000 PSI ice plug on one or both sides of your repair, complete the job and just let the ice plug thaw out. It just requires a pipe freeze kit …

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3 IN (psi) 4 IN (psi) 6 IN (psi) 13MHHM (Wing nut tightened to 25 inch-pounds of torque) at 70°F

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The R6/7/8 Standards represent the drive to cut vapour emissions on carburatted cars in the 1980s & 1990s, with the R9 Standard building on this to er for the introduction of fuel injection and bio-enhanced fuels. It can be seen that R9 fuel hose that has been DESIGNED to work with modern fuels has less than 3% of the permitivity of 1980s

Piranha® Sewer Jetter Hose: Black 4000 PSI - Sewershop

Lastly, all components are bonded together to maximize fitting retention and wear resistance, and to provide smaller minimum bend radii. This hose has a 4000 PSI rating with a 16000 PSI burst rating in the 1/2" hose size and 12000 PSI burst rating in the 5/8" hose size. Color: Black


HOSE CLAMPS CLAMP SYSTEMS 1 M WORM DRIVE CLAMPS 2 Technical Description 2 NORMACONNECT ® PIPE COUPLINGS 16 ALPHANUMERIC INDEX 18 Rev. C 240 hour corrosion resistance in salt spray test Materials: All solid band clamps conform to DIN 3017 Type W1: Fully zinc plated mild steel (CrVI free)

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psi: D638: 9,500: 16,000: Flexural modulus: psi: D790: 345,000: 800,000: Izod impact (notched) ft-lbs/in of notch: D256: 12.0 - 16.0: 2.0: Heat deflection temperature @ 264 psi °F: D648: 270: 295: Maximum continuous service temperature in air °F : 240: 248: Water absorption (immersion 24 hours) % D570: 0.15: 0.16: Coefficient of linear thermal expansion: in/in/°Fx10-5: D696: 3.8: 1.5

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PE & HDPE PE100 Pipe Properties. Minimum Required Strength (MRS): 10.0 MPa (1450 psi) Hydrostatic Design Basis (HDB) Pressure: 1600 psi (11 MPa) Allowable Compressive Strength: 7.93 MPa. Tensile Strength at Yield: 23 MPa. Elongation at Break: >600%. Modulus of Elasticity (50 years): 200 MPa.

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Tube: Clamp: 150 psi @ 180° F: 35° to 180° 2 3/8 " 1 3/16 " 3" 2 3/8 " 0000000: 000000


•Good chemical resistance •Difficult to bond using adhesives or solvents •Resistant to stress cracking •Good fatigue resistance •Good for bearing and wear (as well as structural appliions) IMIDIZED MATERIALS •Best physical properties above 400ºF •Best temperature resistance Best bearing and wear capabilities •Good chemical

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A polyether-urethane cover provides exceptional cut, abrasion and fungus resistance. Lastly, all components are bonded together to maximize fitting retention and wear resistance, and to provide smaller minimum bend radii. This hose has a 3000 PSI rating with a 7500 PSI burst rating. Color: Blue

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The Swagelok Tube Fitting Advantage, 6 Compliance with Industry Standards, 7 Materials, 8 O-Rings, 8 Cleaning and Packaging, 8 Metric Swagelok Tube Fittings, 9 Pressure Rating Basis and Thread Specifiions, 9 Pressure Ratings, 10 Ordering Nuers and Dimensions, 14 Weld Connectors Tube Socket, 24 Male Pipe, 25 Connectors N PT, 26 ISO

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High-Temperature PTFE PipeNipples and Pipe for Chemicals. This PTFE pipe can withstand a wider temperature range than any of our other plastic pipe for chemicals. It is commonly used in high-purity chemical flow processes, such as semiconductor and clean room appliions.

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3 product ratings - 159666 PUN-8X1,25-BL Festo Blue Plastic Tubing (Sold By Box Of 50 Meters, New) $157.33. $35.00 shipping. or Best Offer. Parker Air Brake Transportation Hose 475 Ft. x 3/16 In. ID 3000 psi 206-4-RL. $798.53. Was: $1,699.00.

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The inner base tube is reinforced with knitted rayon for maximum strength and burst resistance for the life of the hose. In addition to meeting SAE J20R4, Class D-1 requirements, this hose also meets Type EC electro-chemical requirements as specified in SAE J1684, which prevents inner tube deterioration caused by the build-up of static electric charges.

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UHMW is a tough, wear resistant, FDA compliant plastic with low friction. Uses include wear strips, chute liners, star wheels, fabried parts. For UHMW material …

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Excellent wear resistance. Used in ag, lawn, and tree spray appliions. 800psi max pressure rating. Enter the length you want to order in nuer of feet in the quantity box. Weight. 0.32 lbs. Dimensions. 12 …

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Almost all pipe/tube manufacturers recommend that the pressure rating of the tube be double the normal pressure found in the water system. So to restate what this means, if the normal water pressure is 100 PSI, the pipe or tube manufacturer requires that you use 200 PSI rated pipe. The rating is NOT the normal pressure for the pipe or tube!

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ChemTite ® PTFE Lined Carbon Steel Pipe. Super Heavy Duty PTFE Liners. Seamless Steel Housing. Forged Steel Flanges. Standard Two-Part High Solids, High Build, Polyamide, Epoxy Primer. Fully Vacuum rated to 450 °F. Sizes Range 1" to 12". Pressures to 285 PSI. Temperature Range -20 °F to 450 °F.

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D638 Tensile Modulus (psi) 425,000 480,000 1,400,000 D638 Tensile Elongation at Break (%) 50 25 3 D790 Flexural Strength (psi) 15,000 17,000 39,000 D790 Flexural Modulus (psi) 450,000 460,000 1,200,000 D695 Compressive Strength (psi) 12,500 16,000 - D695 Compressive Modulus (psi) 420,000 420,000 - D785 Hardness, Rockwell R


Abrasion resistant – for demanding service SOCKETLESS™ hose is available in both durable synthetic rubber and polyester braid covers for selective appliions requiring abrasion or wear resistance. Color-coded – for identifiion Easy identifiion of system and appliion. Traceability of lines in multiple hose bundles. Appearance

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304 stainless steel clamps have very good corrosion resistance. 316 stainless steel clamps are more corrosion resistant than 304 stainless steel clamps. Clamps with two-pin hinge apply more even pressure on gaskets than other clamps, causing less wear and tear on gaskets. Nylon clamps are lightweight compared to stainless steel clamps.

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(psi) (5,5 bar ) per second to a minimum burst pressure of 325 psi (22,4 bar) for SP and 350 psi (24,1 bar) for SPX and SPX-FLEX. The swing pipe shall be capable of 8 gallons per minute (gpm) maximum. The tubing shall have an operating pressure rating of 80 psi at 110ºF (5,5 bar at 43ºC). The swing pipe tubing shall be as manufac-

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Choke and kill line is a high pressure pipe between the side outlet on a BOP stack and mud pumps that provides a means of pumping fluids. A choke line carries mud and influx from the BOP stack to the choke manifold. API 16C Choke Kill Line hose can be used for flexible …

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Outer rubber layer: oil-resistant, aging-resistant and wear resistant synthetic rubber. Executive standard: API Spec 7k, ISO14693, GB/T24145. Main parameters: Drilling rotary hose, shock-resistant hose, mud conveying hose (Grade A~E) / cement hose (working pressure 69.0MPa, 103.4MPa)