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When the acetylene is added to the cylinder, it dissolves; in this solution, it becomes stable. Pure acetylene stored in a free state explodes from a slight shock at 29.4 pounds per square inch (psi). The acetylene pressure gauge should never be set higher than 15 psi for welding or cutting.

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DUDUAL OAL OXYXY-A-ACETYLENE HOSESCETYLENE HOSES • Constructed from quality 3/16" ID single ply, fabric reinforced grade “R” hose • 200 PSI working pressure • 3/8-24 “A” fittings NSW12A Part No. Description NSW12A Dual Hose Kit, 12'' Long NSW25A Dual Hose Kit, 25'' Long Part No. Description Brazing Capacity (OD In.)

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Reelcraft S600100-6 Twin Welding Hose Assely, RM Grade, Oxy/Acetylene, 1/4" Dual x 6'', 200 Psi, 9/16-18 LH/RH (F), Rubber

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13/12/2020· Too much and the flame will simply blow out and be uncontrollable. Too low and the flame will be small and won’t give the heat you require. The regular bent, straight or twin jet nozzles require from 2 PSI up to 8 PSI for both Oxygen and fuel. The optional MultiJet nozzle requires an output of 14 PSI for Oxygen and 10 PSI for propane.

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Generally, there are three common sizes of hoses - "A", "B" and "C". Each hose connection has a matching connecting nut, hose stem and ferrule. Oxy-fuel appliions require left hand nut threads for fuel and right hand threads for oxygen. There is also a "B" size for inert gases; however, the left hand thread configuration of both "B" and "C

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** For best results use appropriate capacity torches and 3/8" hose when using tip size 6 or larger. Torches with flashback arrestors require up to 25% more pressure as tip size increases (15 PSI maximum acetylene pressure). *** All pressures are measured at the …

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The acetylene hoses are usually red and the oxygen Use the correct tip size and pressure. Each tip is designed to operate at a specific pressure. If too much pressure is used, the system can be back- (10 psi for acetylene (max 15psi) and 40 psi for oxygen) 6. Open/close torch valves separately and fine tune pressure settings on

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PSI Burst Pressure PSI Length Per Roll METRE ALL 0002-1 1/4” 13 200 600 100 ALL 0002-2 1/4” 13 200 600 50 ALL 0002-3 1/4” 13 200 600 30 Recommended for : Welding Tube & Cover : N.R. Blended S.B.R Compound Finish : Blue and Red/Smooth ALL 0002 Recommended for : General purpose air line or oxygen and acetylene welding hose

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Size B: Be it oxy-acetylene welding hose, oxygen hose, propane hose, or acetylene hose – they all use size B connections. Thus, it is one of the most common connections for gas welding hoses. The B size connections are available in various nipple sizes such as 3/16-in., 1/4-in., 5/16-in., and 3/8-in, with left- and right-handed threads.

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30/1/2020· Orientflex Rubber Oxygen / Acetylene Hose 300 PSI. GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor and supplier of Orientflex rubber hose and coupling in Nigeria.Our flexible and synthetic rubber Oxygen/Acetylene hose is designed to meet your Gas Welding and cutting needs a for the flow of Air-Oxygen and a Fuel Gas like Acetylene. Construction:

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Answer (1 of 3): Yes, if you do stupid things like let the regulator output gauge needle get above 15 psi (aka well into the red zone). There is no legitimate reason to ever do so. Ignorant or just plain stupid persons sometimes do ill advised things and cause problems for themselves and others.

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more Inch- 24) Flexible Grade R single hose is color coded Red for Acetylene Fuel gas with left hand thread fittings to prevent improper hose connection 8-sided crimp ferrules capable of withstanding a maximum W.P. of 200 psi Details Brand: Uniweld Item Dimensions Height: 0.50 inches Length: 73.00 inches Width: 0.50 inches Manufacturer: Uniweld Model: H11 Nuer of items: 1 Package quantity: 1 …


1. The Small Torch is designed to provide a stable and precise concentrated feather flame to braze and solder material from the tiniest to 1/8" thick steel. 2. The Small Torch can be used with most commonly available fuel gases, such as acetylene, propane, MAPP( and hydrogen, with oxygen. CAUTION: When using natural gas, a minimum of 6 PSI is

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4/11/2017· Size is determined by the inside diameter, and the proper size to use depends on the type of work for which it is intended. Hose used for light work has a 3/1 6 or 1/4 inch inside diameter and one or two plies of fabric. For heavy-duty welding and cutting operations, use a hose with an inside diameter of 5/1 6 inch and three to five plies of

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31/1/2011· Oxy Acetylene Hose Diameter vs Length I''m finding the 12.5 foot 3/16" Grade T hoses Victor included with my Performer outfit a bit short. It''s a pain to wheel the cart around because I don''t have enough hose it''s almost long enough but not quite.

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2" x 30 PSI & 400 PSI Welding Regulator Repair Replacement Gauges For Acetylene. 4.7 out of 5 stars. 35. $19.99. $19. . 99. Get it as soon as Tue, Nov 16. FREE Shipping on …

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Answer (1 of 3): Acetyline should never be higher than 15 PSI past the regulator. Oxegen should be set to whatever your task needs. Cutting torch needs more pressure than a welding torch. Niether tank pressure should be allowed to go below 25 PSI. Acetyline pressures over 15PSI can auto ignite a

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NEW TURBO TORCH AIR ACETYLENE TORCH KIT 412X4B COMPARE AT $299.95 SALE $159.95 TurboTorch Air Acetylene Torch Kit For “B” Tank Swirl Coustion Tips For High Temperature, Wraparound Brazing Soft Solder Up To 3″, Silver Solder To 1-1/2″ Includes 12′ Hose, Acetylene Regulator, G-4 Handle, A-3 And A-11 Tips CHECK

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3/9/2020· As far as I know T is a designation for a type of hose needed for propane. They can have various types and sizes of connections. The Little torch is a system that includes the hose and torch body. It hasn’t changed much in years. Mine is probably 40 years old and looks just like one you would buy today that is made for both acetylene and propane.

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24/9/2021· Oxy Acetylene Welding Set Up and Pressure Settings Chart : The first we must Clean the nozzle, because if the head of the nozzle dirty will cause flame bad. Open Regulator Oxygen and Acetylene, set until the pressure matching with what do you want or …

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1) Acetylene becomes extremely dangerous if used above 15 pounds pressure. Pure acetylene is self-explosive if stored in the free state under a pressure of 29.4 pounds per square inch (psi); 2) The process is typically slower than the electrical arc-welding processes; We will learn more about the oxyacetylene process and equipment in this course.

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5/11/2021· Watch the working-pressure gauge on the regulator come up to about 20 psi. That is the amount of pressure that will travel to the torch. After, open the acetylene cylinder. Make sure to only open the acetylene cylinder about 1/4 to 1/2 a turn. This is because the acetylene is the fuel gas.

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21/12/2013· • Acetylene is extremely unstable in its pure form at pressure above 15 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) • Acetone is also present within the cylinder to stabilize the acetylene. • Acetylene cylinders should always be stored in the upright position to prevent the acetone form escaping thus causing the acetylene to become unstable.

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According to the cutting tip size, adjust the regulator recommended by the manufacturer. In the beginning, 20 psi for oxygen and 5 psi for acetylene will be perfect. This ratio produces a flame for medium cutting. Take a striker and ignite the torch. Before you do …


These gas pressure regulators are connected between the gas cylinder and the hose leading to the torch. Never adjust an acetylene regulator to allow a discharge greater than 15 psi (103.4 kPa) gauge GAS WELDING RODS Gas welding rods, or filler rods, are small-diameter metal rods used to add metal to the weld during the welding process.

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22/10/2020· To give an idea, if you’ll be welding 1/16-inch steel, you’ll need 8 – 20 psi of oxygen and about 5 psi of acetylene. Likewise, for cutting up to 2-inch steel, you’ll need 40 – 50 psi of oxygen and 5 psi of acetylene. Bear in mind that these are portable kits, so their capacity is not too large.

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There is a very persistent misconception in the lawn sprinkler industry that using progressively smaller pipe sizes in a sprinkler system will help keep the water pressure high. The argument is that as the water moves through the pipes past the sprinklers, the pipe must get smaller in order to squeeze the water so … Continue reading Using A Smaller Pipe to Increase Water Pressure →

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diameter. Each covered hose set includes two hose ferrules and one crimping tool. Bulk Hose 13254-1 Green 13254-3 Red 1/8 in. (3.2 mm) inside diameter. Ferrules and crimping tool NOT included. Hose Nuts 16173 Oxygen “B” fitting, 9/16"-18 RH 16174 Fuel “B” fitting, 9/16"-18 …

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24/3/2010· If you look at the hose ratings its usually reversed - smaller diameter (same wall) handles more pressure. As for acetylene, you will still have the same pressure limitations. That red line at 15 PSI is there because of the sensitivity of acetylene, has nothing to do with hose size. Larger hose is just for higher flow rates.