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• Good resistance to high energy radiation • Low noise/vibration transmission Selection Criteria for HNBR When selecting a HNBR polymer for a specific appliion, three criteria to consider 1. Acrylonitrile content: fluid resistance as well as low temperature properties 2. Hydrogenation level: influences heat, chemical and ozone resistance 3.

Polyamide/Nylon (PA Plastic): Uses & Properties [Updated 2020]

Polyamide 11 (PA11) or Nylon 11 is a rare bio-based engineering plastic that is derived from renewable resources (castor plants) and produced by polymerization of 11-amino undecanoic acid. Rilsan® is one of the first biosourced polyamide. Melting point of Polyamide 11 is 190°C.

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5M Black Silicone Tube Rubber Hose Heat Resistant Flexible Soft Oil Pipe Tool. AU $15.07 to AU $38.72. Free postage. 20mm Hot Wash Water Hose Industrial PVC Heat Pipe Australian Made Aquaflex FAU. AU $158.76 to AU $776.52. Free postage 5M Black Silicone Tube Rubber Hose Heat Resistant Flexible Oil Pipe Water Fuel. AU $16.40 to AU $39.92

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Acid & Chemicals Transfer hose - Series 7108. Series 7108 hose is designed for transfer of high aromatic content products such as ketone solvents, lacquers, paint thinners, oil-based and water-based paints and many common chemicals used in appliions to 93°C and 51,7 bar. 2 Parts. Viewing 10 of 2.

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The TS2 SmoothFlex™ is a smooth bore PTFE hose with stainless steel braid reinforcement that is designed for long trouble-free service in a wide range of chemical resistant and high purity appliions. The hose is available in standard white, and also anti-static conductive black PTFE where electrostatic dissipation is required.

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For plastic molding plants For engineering plastic type powder and granular materials Heat resistant to 100℃! 3X greater wear resistance! Antistatic!. TOYOTOP-E100℃ Hose TOYOTOP-E100℃ Hose. For engineering plastic type powder and granular materials (in-house comparison) For TOYOX Industrial Hoses & Couplings For more detail Quality

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The table below is a guide to the initial selection of hose and sealing material suitable for particular operating conditions. Please contact Sales or Technical Department of TUBES INTERNATIONAL® to match the hose material correctly with the appliion.

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It is formed with a different type of chemical makeup compared to other, more organic polymer-based adhesives. Unlike those other adhesives, silicone is resistant to chemicals, moisture and weathering. It also keeps elasticity and stability in both high- and low-temperature conditions. Silicone sealants require curing, which means they must dry.

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many oxidising and corrosive chemicals, good resistance to dry heat to 150°C/302°F, low flammability and gas permeability, and also good resistance to hot water (when cured with lead oxide). The low temperature properties appliions, weather resistant meranes, hoses and acid resistant tank linings. ECO (Epichlorohydrin)

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Flexible Heat Resistant Silicone Tubing for Extremely High Temperature. Heat resisting silicone tubing is made up of high quality silicone raw material with extreme temperature resistance, which is mainly used in special environment, such as high temperature environment or high pressure environment.. Diameters of heat resistant silicone tubing are ranges from 6 mm to 19 mm, which are

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FKM is of high value in use as a class of synthetic rubber which provides extraordinary levels of resistance to chemicals, oil and heat. This type of rubber can be fabried into seals, o-rings, and hoses for a variety of high performance appliions in the automotive, aerospace, and …

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low-temperature flexibility, and heat aging properties (i.e., in excess heat SBR hardens and becomes brittle instead of softening like natural rubber does). SBR also has good electrical insulation, alcohol resistance, oxygenated solvent resistance, and mild acid resistance. SBR can be successfully bonded to a wide range of materials. LIMITATIONS: :

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• Low permeation rates • Solvent, acid and base resistant • Low compression set. The graph below gives an impression fo various FKM types in relation to fuel resistance. Figure 11. …

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• Superb ozone and weather resistance, even in non-black products • Heat resistance to 150°C • Resistance to a wide range of aggressive chemicals • Intermediate oil and solvent resistance depending on the chlorine level • Electrical insulating properties • Low flammability characteristics (associated with chlorinated polymers)

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UHMW‑PE High abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction, anti-stick surface easy to clean Polyvinyl Chloride (Vinyl) Conformable, abrasion resistant, resistant to most chemicals acid resistant, high conformability, x-ray opacity Stainless Steel Corrosion resistant Heat Resistant Saturant 7.3 (0.19) 36 (39) 26 (455) 10 300 (149


oil and fuel resistance and low temperature requirements. Specialty NBR polymers which contain a third monomer (e.g. divinyl benzene, methacrylic acid) are also offered[3,4]. Some NBR elastomers are hydrogenated[5] to reduce the chemical reactivity of the polymer backbone, significantly improving heat resistance (see HNBR product summary).


Due to its low reactivity, it displays good resistance to ozone cracking, heat aging and chemical attack. For example, it has good resistance to many chlorofluorocarbons, aliphatic hydrocarbons, mineral oils, greases and ozone, but only moderate or poor resistance to acids, solvents, and fuels.

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Venator Asia Sdn Bhd. LUXCHEM is the market leader in providing a full range of PVC raw materials and chemical additives. Our focus has allowed us to become a significant supplier for all PVC industries manufacturing Pipes & Fittings, Wires & Cables, PVC Leather, Sheet, Film, Profile, PVC Compounding and etc. Brand Products.

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All tubing comes under this egory is manufactured out of heat & light stabilized materials, thereby offering a good resistance to ageing against heat and light. It also resists most oils, greases, brake fluids, petroleum products and some chemicals.


30/5/2019· CHEMICAL RESISTANCE DATA R – Generally Resistant C – Less resistant than R but still suitable for some conditions N – Not resistant Arsenic acid, 80% R R Acetic acid, vapor R R Aryl-sulfonic acid R R Acetic acid, glacial R N butyl (n-butanol) R R Black liquor - paper R R Alcohol, butyl (2-butanol) R N Bleach, 12.5% active chlorine

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22/8/2017· The high-temperature thermal aging resistance of CPE fabried from low-pressure polyethylene HDPE is superior to that of CPE fabried from high-pressure polyethylene. CPE is commonly produced in the density range of 0.93–0.96 g/cm 3 with an average molecular weight of 5–25 million and the melt index of 0.01–2.0 g/10 min.


and the amount of acid present, can affect the heat and acid resistance of microorganisms. A particularly important factor is the conditions the microorganisms have been exposed to prior to exposure to acid or heating. For example, some bacteria can become more heat-resistant than normal by exposure to low levels of heat that do not kill but only

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RD4 RUBBER LAYFLAT DISCHARGE HOSE RD4 is a nitrile/PVC rubber oil-resistant lay-flat discharge hose that is lighter and more compact in storage than standard rubber discharge hoses. 1-1/2" to 6" diameters. It has an excellent temperature range of -20F to 210F.


Butyl rubber is characterized by low rebound property at room temperature and rebound increases with higher temperature. Butyl rubber vulcanisates gives excellent impermeable property to gases, good Heat ageing properties, good weathering & ozone resistance, Chemical resistance, Acid and Alkali resistance, resistance to Polar oils, animal

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14/12/2021· SBR is also water, organic acid, ketone, chemical, alcohol, and aldehyde resistant. This type of rubber also ages better than natural rubber and is crack resistant while able to accommodate large amounts of filler, which is used to enhance its properties. Carbon black gives SBR enhanced strength, as well as more abrasion and UV resistance.

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MIN40 Miniera 40 Steel Air. 7281. Hot Air Blower with Wire Helix Hardwall. 9388. Hot Air Blower with Wire Helix Softwall. 7174. Farm Pump Hose. 7280. Flex-Ever™ 2000 Gasoline Pump Hose.

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braided hoses… to the wide fluid compatibility and high pressure performance of our No-Skive spiral hoses… our expanded family of abrasion-resistant hoses gets the job done right, giving you the results you need in the construction, forestry, mining, injection molding, refuse and recycling, and energy industries. Hose basics Everything you

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Viton is resistant to many hydrocarbons and is best to use with chemicals in the petroleum industry. If you are looking for an oil resistant rubber, neoprene is a good choice and it also has a temperature resistance of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit (F). Neoprene also has a low oxidation rate so it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor

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Chemical Resistant Heavy Wall PTFE Smoothbore Hose - 929/929B. The 929/929B features improved kink resistance and enhanced resistance to gas permeation over 919/919B hose. 929/929B PTFE hoses feature superior chemical compatibility, resist moisture,and performs in a wide temperature range from -100°F to +450°F.

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When used as heat resistant material, however, it is not recommended to exceed 250°C. Tw carbonizes in the absence of oxygen and approximately 30% of its mass is retained. Tw resistance to chemical attack, exposure time: 3 months 3 in water at room temperature. 100 80 60 40 20 0 0 2 4 610 128 14 Residual strength (%) pH value HNO H 2