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20/3/2021· If your sump pump’s discharge pipes are buried, leave a gap between the pipes. That way the water will still be able to discharge from the upper pipe even if the one in the ground is frozen. My idea was to extend the existing 1-1/2-in. pipe down into a …

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26/10/2021· Put the hand pump into the sump pump hole, then attach a garden hose to the threaded discharge end of the hand pump. Run the hose outside the nearest window and drain the water outside. If your hose doesn’t reach 20 feet, you’ll need to let it drain into buckets and then carry it out.

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23/9/2020· Freeze resistant sump pump hose is a must for the homeowners that are living in a winter climate. Additionally, you can also use a sump pump discharge line heater if you the capability to do so. Anyways, there are a lot of methods out there that should help you prevent sump pump line freezing. Choose the one that you see fit and apply that. Keep a keen eye …

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11/3/2020· Essential pool supplies as pool drain hose, pool pump hose, pool filter waste hose. Heavy Duty – Pool hose is reinforced with polyester yarn to prevent leaks and tears for durable use. High pressure resistance, weather and chemical resistant, aging resistant, wear resistant, ideal for water transfer.

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Wider bushings at all pivots reduce wear. Head casting is cast iron, large water passageway. Less pressure drop, higher flow. Over 25 GPM with 4′ bury depth at 30 PSI. If the head casting does not stay in place during operation, tighten the two linkage bolts. Hose adapter is ¾” male hose thread. Head has padlock hole.

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13/9/2021· 0 Best backflush hose for pool in 2021 Comparison Table. Bestseller No. 1. Poolmaster 32170 1-1/2-Inch x 50-Feet Heavy-Duty Backwash Hose, Essential Collection, 1 1/2-inch, Blue. Fits most 1 1/2-inch fittings; for use with in-ground and above-ground pool equipment. Weather and chemical resistant.

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Installing a grated drain opening will protect your discharge line from these and many other problems that can lead to a backup in your system. We Bury Discharge Lines! As a complimentary service when we waterproof your basement, we will …

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• 1" discharge with multi-step discharge hose Motor/Materials The EGO 500SELS has a 0.47kW motor running at Nom. 2.1Amp. It is manufactured using antioxidant and corrosion resistant materials. Pump casing, body and impeller in PPS, Stainless steel motor casing/shaft. Special wear resistant shaft coating with triple shaft seal.

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26/6/2018· Ensure that the sump pump discharge line outside the home is either buried in the yard, or extended out above-grade at a downward slope. Bury the pipe at least five inches below the frost line (the maximum depth of ground below …

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Your sump pump may freeze if the water pipes come in contact with the outside air. One way to avoid this is to bury the pipeline deeper in the ground while keeping a little portion of the pipes facing the daylight. Or, cover the pipes with a tarp or hay to prevent exposure from the cold temperature. Adjust the Distance of the Pump and Discharge Hose

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Pool Supplies - Flat discharge hoses for swimming pools with durable pvc water hose and heavy duty connectors resist to oils, grease, acids, and many chemicals. Essential pool supplies as sump pump discharge hose, trash pump discharge hose, pool drain hose.

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Adjust the Distance of the Pump and Discharge Hose Connect a freeze-resistant hose to expand the distance between the wastewater area and the sump pump. Maintain a minimum distance of 20 feet from the foundation and be sure to use a firm and smooth hose, so there is no room for the water to accumulate.


NOTE: Do not reduce size of discharge pipe or hose below 1-1/4 in. diameter. If discharge is too small, pump will overheat and fail prematurely. This pump is designed for use in a residential sump only. Only pump water with this pump. INSTALLATION 1. Install the pump in sump pit with minimum diameter of 10 in. (254 mm) for models equipped with

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EPG Companies’ patented SurePump™ Wheeled Sump Drainers provide superior performance and accurate liquid level reading for horizontal side slope riser appliions. The SurePump™ pump is a completely sealed unit with bottom inlet, built with stainless steel for harsh environments and unlike competitor models, draws liquid over or past the

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29/2/2020· Click to see full answer. Likewise, how deep should you bury a sump pump line? pipe buried 1 to 2 ft. underground.. One may also ask, will a sump pump hose freeze? Sump pump discharge lines can freeze, especially in the northern regions.Pipe terminations can become covered with snow and ice in the winter. This can spell disaster for your basement if the sump …

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6) Wear resistant wet parts: The wet parts are made of high chromium abrasion resistance alloys. (more than 26% Chrome alloy). 7) The frame plate for pumps have replaceable wear-resistant metal liners or rubber liners. The impellers are made of wear-resistant metal or rubber which ensure good performance of the gravel pump.

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Increase the distance between the sump pump and wastewater area. Similar to the previous tip, you can also redirect some of the excess water away from your basement by attaching a freeze-resistant hose to the discharge hose. A good length is about 20 feet, and it’s important to make sure the freeze resistant hose is rigid so no water can collect.

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12/1/2010· When the discharge hose begins to freeze, the motor is forced to work harder, putting it at risk of overheating and failing completely. Doing some work around the foundation of the property to direct water away from the basement lightens your sump pump’s workload, reducing the risk of it becoming blocked with frozen water.

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15/6/2021· Tips to stop a Septic Tank Pump Ejection Series coming freezing. Here are some tips that would help you solve how deep to bury the sump pump discharge line.The sump pump ejection pipe needs to be either submerged in the garden or even stretched out above-grade at a downward slope.

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4/12/2019· By this, you can lower the risk of having a frozen sump pump discharge line. Bury Your Sump Pump Discharge Line . Burying your sump pump pipe under the yard can protect it from the biting cold blaze and accumulated snow which can help in reducing the risk of becoming frozen. You should bury your pipe at least 12 centimeters beneath the frost line.

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Heavy Duty Layflat Water Hose– High-pressure resistance, weather, and chemical resistant, aging resistant, wear-resistant, ideal for water transfer, pool pump hose, pool filter waste hose. It not only can be used as a drain hose but also a sump pump discharge hose, trash pump discharge hose for mine, factory, agriculture, and architectural engineering.

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27/2/2020· If your drainage line is 100 feet or longer, it will require the sump pump to work harder and shorten the life of the pump motor. Misconception: A Sump Pump Discharge Line Needs to be Buried Deep Some homeowners mistakenly think that the drainage line needs to be buried several feet down, below the frost line.

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Make a downspout extension in PVC beyond the plant beds. Discharge the sump pump water into a dry well. You can also harvest rainwater if it’s the cause of your stagnant water. 2. Use a French Drain. A French drain has a discharge line which forms the essential part of a sump pump.

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Description. 【DISCHARGE HOSE SPECIFIION】Fit on 2" standard pool pump and pool filter. Fit 1.5 in or less schedule 40/80 PVC pipe Inside Diameter: 2 inches; Laid flat width:3.63in; Length: 50 feet; Weight: 10.23 IBS, Working pressure: 87 PSI; Temperature Range: 23°F to 149°F (-5°C to 65°C); Please check the inside diameter of your hose fittings

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Icy Sump Pump Discharge Lines. A proper discharge line should be large in size to help avoid clogs from debris and ice buildup. Additionally, the discharge point should include a grated opening that will keep out animal and debris. For aesthetic reasons, as well as to avoid a tripping hazard in your yard, we recommend burying the discharge pipe underground.

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18/11/2021· For a sump pump to function properly, a drain system needs to be in place that directs the pumped water effectively away from your house and all other surrounding structures to a suitable outlet like a ditch or a drainfield.. Many homeowners keep drain lines on top of their lawns. The problem with this particular practice is that they have to move the lines regularly …

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16/6/2014· 4 inch is fine---You do not want to hard pipe the sump discharge into the underground pipe---if the pipe ever clogs or freezes the pump will not work or worse--blow a fitting inside the house--- Create a ''free fall'' drain--the smaller discharge pipe dumps into the larger underground pipe much like a faucet dumping into a sink---if the pipe clogs--the sump water will overflow …

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The SurePump™ pump is a completely sealed unit with bottom inlet, built with stainless steel for harsh environments and unlike competitor models, draws liquid over or past the entire motor to maximize cooling and extend pump life. EPG backs the vertical sump drainers with a one year warranty effective the date of installation.

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1/12/2011· This means, you should buy a discharge hose larger than average, so that the water won’t be able to freeze. Its also a good idea to bury the end of the discharge hose in the ground before insulating the section that remains above ground. When the hose begins to freeze because its too small, it causes the pump to work that much harder.

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Extending Sump Pump discharge | DIY Home Improvement Forum. 21/4/2009· Extending Sump Pump discharge. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 6 of 6 Posts freezes some winter you only have to undo your plug, put on a screw x barbed adapter, and …